Nude960r ~ A free, fully responsive skin for Thesis 2.0.

Version 2 of the Nude960 Skin for Thesis 2.0 is here!! The ‘Nude960r’ is a ‘vanilla’ skin geared to turbo start your next Thesis project. Enjoy…

  • Full Width and Responsive!
  • 4 x Fully Integrated Thesis Boxes included for FREE!
  • Full Width Feature Box on Home Page
  • CSS Targetable Browser and OS Detection
  • Free for Commercial and Personal Projects

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Let’s Get Started…

Turbo start your next Thesis 2.0 project with this starter-kit for a full-width skin rocking a 960 fully responsive grid system under the hood.

Your Free, responsive Thesis 2.0 skin…

Nude960r is a ‘vanilla’ framework, suitable for Thesis Developers and those happy to dig into some light code.

It’s aim is to provide a quick and easy starting point for some Full-width Pimping! Also under the hood is browser and OS identification and a punnet of Thesis Boxes including…

Fully Integrated Thesis Boxes

  • Facebook, Twitter and Linked in Share Buttons
    They’re built right in – the tweet button will even credit you to your content no matter who tweets it
  • Copyright & Credits
    Automagically keep your Copyright date current with the options to include a start year, your Thesis affiliate link and not to forget a handsome design credit to you or your studio name!
  • iOS Favicon uploader
    Being built with mobile use at it’s heart, your site will be displayed the way it should be in iOS devices such as iPhones, iPad and iPad Touch.
  • Read More Button
    Handsomely link to your content from your home and archive pages.

Fully Responsive

Build multiple column content on the fly and let the integrated CSS take care of all responsiveness for you! Yes, your site will look fabulous on cell-phones, tablets and desk-top machines.

Download the latest version of the nude960r skin here

The only limit is your imagination…

Whether your next project is commercial or personal, Feel free to fork and use to your advantage!

Needless to say, attribution is always appreciated – feel free to link to this site, the Daddy site, or our homes on twitter and facebook.

…and this is just the beginning!

You can look forward to regular updates with new and exciting streamlined features! Our aim is to provide you with the best possible start to your next Thesis 2.x. project.

Let’s turn this skin all the way up to eleven on the dial…

Please do leave your feedback for this skin. Your constructive comments are always welcome so please do feel free to chip in with your suggestions and feature requests. The place to do this is here →

Download the latest version of the nude960r skin here